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  • RS Stock No. 612-3777
  • Brand Panasonic
  • Mfr Part No. M8GA120B

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80x80 Gearheads for 15 & 25W Motors

Stock no. Output Speed (rpm)
fitted to
1x230V motors
(1275 & 1225rpm)
Output Speed (rpm)
fitted to
400V motors
25W (1350rpm)
Output Speed (rpm)
fitted to all
3x230V &
40-90W 400V motors
Direction of
rotation same
as motor
Output torque
(Nm) fitted to
15W motor
Output torque
(Nm) fitted to
25W motor
612-3755 8.2 9 9.2 Yes 7.84 7.84
612-3777 10.2 11.3 11.5 Yes 7.84 7.84
612-3761 12.3 13.5 13.8 Yes 7.84 7.84
Motor Size Motor Power Gearheads Combination Body Length
80x80mm 15W 612-3755, 612-3777, 612-3761 117mm (8.3-75 rpm)
80x80mm 25W 612-3755, 612-3777, 612-3761 127mm (8.3-75 rpm)
Shaft length is not including bearing housing dimension. Dimension is 32mm from end of shaft to front face of gearbox. Body length is from front of gearbox to back of the motor

AC Single Phase- CSR Motors

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RS Stock No.: 612-3777

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