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Part Details Brand Analogue Function Kit Classification For Use With Featured Device Kit Name
Microchip AC163029, Jumper Wire Kit for PICDEM Mechatronics Board Microchip - - PICDEM Mechatronics Board - Jumper Wire Kit
Microchip MCP4725EV, 12-bit DAC Evaluation Board for MCP4725 Microchip 12-bit DAC Evaluation Board - MCP4725 -
Microchip MCP3424EV, 18-bit ADC Evaluation Board Microchip 18-bit ADC Evaluation Board - - -
Microchip DM320006, Embedded Connectivity Development Kit for PIC32MZ Microchip - Development Kit - PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity
Microchip RN-131-EK, Evaluation Kit for RN131 Microchip - Evaluation Kit - RN131 -
Microchip EVB-LAN9500A-LC, USB → Ethernet Evaluation Board for LAN9500A Microchip - Evaluation Board - LAN9500A USB → Ethernet
MA320012,PIC32MZ Plug in Module,DM240001 Microchip - Module - PIC32MZ -
Microchip EVB-USB2517, 7-Port USB Hub Evaluation Board for USB2517 Microchip - Evaluation Board - USB2517 7-Port USB Hub
Microchip TCHIP010, Fubarino SD Development Board Microchip - Development Board - - Fubarino SD
Microchip AC243007, PICtail/PICtail Plus Inertial Sensor Evaluation Board for MM7150 Microchip Inertial Sensor Evaluation Board - MM7150 PICtail/PICtail Plus
Microchip DM320005-2, MEB-II Development Board for PIC32MZ Starter Kit Microchip - Development Board PIC32MZ Starter Kit - MEB-II
Microchip AC244008, MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor Development Board Microchip - Development Board - - MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor
Microchip SW006022-2, MPLAB XC16 Pro Complier Software Licence Microchip - - - - MPLAB XC16 Pro Complier Software Licence
Microchip TCAD001, Microstick Plus Expansion Board for Microstick, Microstick II Microchip - Expansion Board Microstick, Microstick II - Microstick Plus
Microchip TDGL020, chipKIT Motor Driver Expansion Board for chipKIT uC32, chipKIT Uno32 Microchip Motor Driver Expansion Board chipKIT uC32, chipKIT Uno32 - chipKIT
Microchip ADM00458, Evaluation Board for MCP16251, MCP1640B Microchip - Evaluation Board - MCP16251, MCP1640B -
Microchip DM182018, MiWi → WiFi Demonstration Kit Microchip - Demonstration Kit - - MiWi → WiFi
Microchip MA330035, Module for dsPIC33EP512GM710 Microchip - Module - dsPIC33EP512GM710 -
Microchip MCP4728EV, 12-bit DAC Development Kit for MCP4728 Microchip 12-bit DAC Development Kit - MCP4728 -
Microchip TDGL021-2, chipKIT WiFIRE Development Board Development Board Microchip - Development Board - - chipKIT WiFIRE Development Board
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