Camera Tripods

Tripod is a device designed to provide a stable and safe support to camera equipment. Using a tripod ensure sharp images and correct exposure even in a low-light situation and when a long exposure time is required. Tripod is an essential part of every photographer’s bag.

How does a tripod work?

The camera tripod is usually made of 2 elements. A three-leg tripod base and a ball head. The ball head features a camera mounting plate and a ball-shaped mechanism that allows for camera movement while legs keep the whole system at the desired height and in a correct position.

How to choose the right tripod?

You need to consider several points before making a final decision. They are:

  • Maximum height - Think about the way you are going to be using your tripod. Compact tripods are ideal as a portable equipment for carrying around but are not always height enough to achieve desired effects.

  • Maximum load - Consider the type of equipment you are going to be using with the tripod. Professional DSLR cameras and telephoto lenses can be very heavy. They need a sturdy and safe support. Lightweight, aluminium tripods are ideal for compact cameras. Combination of both options is fibre-glass or carbon made tripods. Very sturdy and lightweight but very pricey.

  • Quick-release mounting plate - It is a very important feature when it comes to using a tripod on the go. Quickly mounting and dismounting is a very comfortable solution.
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Part Details Extendable Stock Maximum Height Closed Length Weight
Hama 4010 Camera Tripod No 38 12 mm 12 mm 58g
Hama 4175 Camera Tripod Yes 33 125 mm 42.5 mm 620g
Star 5 Tripod - 29 - - -
MINI TRIPOD WITH BALL TILT HEA Yes 18 15 mm 12 mm 124g
Star 62 Tripod - 18 - - -
Ball Mini Tripod L black - 8 - - -
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