Fan Gaskets

Fan gaskets are electrical components designed to reduce the vibration between a fan and a chassis. They do this by maintaining a seal between the fan and the housing to prevent air leakage.

How do fan gaskets work?

Fan gaskets help to seal the small gap between the fan and the enclosure chassis. This helps to reduce airflow ’feedback” and therefore loss of air pressure, ultimately improving the fan’s efficiency. Without a fan gasket, the rotating action of the fan would transmit vibration into the case housing and case chassis.

Types of fan gaskets

Fan gaskets come in a broad variety of options and are suitable for a vast majority of fans and case designs. They’re provided in different dimensions suitable to match the hole spacings in fans.

While some fan gaskets are self-adhesive, others will have fan mounting machine screws and washers to ensure a secure fit. The screws feature a threaded design, further helping to prevent the transmission and amplification of vibrations through to the chassis.

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Part Details Dimensions Stock Hole Spacing Height Width
EPDM, Neoprene Fan Gasket, 120 x 120mm
  • RS Stock No. 381-0046
  • Brand OEM
  • Mfr. Part No. JH-117011
120 x 120mm 1547 - 120mm 120mm
EPDM, Neoprene Fan Gasket, 42 x 42mm
  • RS Stock No. 381-0018
  • Brand OEM
  • Mfr. Part No. JH-117001
42 x 42mm 720 32mm 42mm 42mm
EPDM, Neoprene Fan Gasket, 80 x 80mm
  • RS Stock No. 381-0030
  • Brand OEM
  • Mfr. Part No. JH-116270
80 x 80mm 447 - 80mm 80mm
EPDM, Neoprene Fan Gasket, 62.4 x 62.4mm
  • RS Stock No. 381-0024
  • Brand OEM
  • Mfr. Part No. JH-117006
62.4 x 62.4mm 101 50mm 62.4mm 62.4mm
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