Gunmetal Rods & Tubes

Gunmetal rods, or gunmetal tubes, are commonly used in engineering, manufacturing, construction and household repair. They're hollow circular tubes made from gunmetal - a type of bronze which is an alloy of copper, lead, tin and zinc. They're different to bronze rods, in that they contain more zinc and less tin.

Gunmetal rod applications

Gunmetal rods are typically used for bearings, bushes, washers and linings. They may also be used with softer materials than would be recommended for the harder lead-free bronze. You can choose from a range of sizes depending on the intended application.

The properties and advantages of using gunmetal rods

Gunmetal is an alloy that is known for its robustness, heat resistance and anti-corrosive properties. Gunmetal rods are:

  • Highly tensile (meaning they can withstand stress)
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to abrasives

There are also gunmetal rods with added lead. The presence of lead reduces friction, running temperature and the possibility of seizure in conditions where lubrication is poor.

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Part Details Form Stock Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Height Width
Leaded gunmetal rod,13in L 5/8in dia Rod 11 5/8in - 5/8in 5/8in
Leaded gunmetal rod,13in L 1 1/4in dia Rod 7 1.1/4in - - 1.25in
Leaded gunmetal rod,13in L 1in dia Rod 3 1in - 1in 1in
Leaded gunmetal rod,13in L 7/8in dia Rod 3 7/8in - 7/8in 7/8in
Leaded Gunmetal Tube, 13in x 2in OD x 1in ID Tube 2 2in 1in 2in 2in
Leaded gunmetal rod,13in L 1 1/2in dia Rod 2 1.5in - 1.1/2in 1.5in
Leaded Gunmetal Tube, 13in x 1.5in OD x 3/4in ID Tube 1 1.5in 3/4in 1.5in 1.5in
Leaded gunmetal rod,13in L 2in dia Rod 1 2in - 2in 2in
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