Hose Whipchecks

Hose whipchecks are an effective safeguard against hose whip during high-intensity hosing. When working with high-pressure hoses, which are handling air or fluids, whipchecks should always be used. They're resistant to rust and corrosion and don't require tools for installation.

How do you install hose whipchecks?

When installing hose whipchecks, they should be fully extended with no slack. For a firm grip, whip arrestors can be used and spring-loaded loops can be adjusted over the hose couplings. Standard whipchecks are available to suit most sizes of hose diameter. They can be used to protect hose-to-hose or hose-to-compressor couplings.

How do hose whipchecks work?

Hose whipchecks can be attached to each hose connection, or to any compressor equipment. The whipcheck extends across the hose fittings to give standby safety for the hose. Whilst fitting, you should pull back the spring and attach the loops on the whipcheck over each hose before making the connection. Whipchecks are constructed from flexible, galvanised, multistrand wire, suitable for use in corrosive environments. This sturdy material is what restricts an uncoupled hose from thrashing about and causing a potential hazard.

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Part Details Compatible Hose Sizes Stock Cable Diameter Breaking Strength Maximum Compatible Hose Size Minimum Compatible Hose Size
RS PRO Galvanised Steel Hose Whipcheck, Compatible Hose Sizes 1/2 → 1-1/4in, Breaking Strength 580kg 1/2 → 1-1/4in 1058 1/8in 580kg 1-1/4in 1/2in
RS PRO Galvanised Steel Hose Whipcheck, Compatible Hose Sizes 1-1/2 → 3in, Breaking Strength 2330kg 1-1/2 → 3in 706 1/4in 2330kg 3in 1-1/2in
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