Impeller Blades

Impeller blades are blades that are integral to an impeller (a rotor used to increase the pressure and flow of a fluid). An impeller is a rotating component of a centrifugal (uncentered) pump which works by transferring energy from the fan motor to the fluid that is being pumped by the accelerating blades.

What are impellers?

Impellers are usually short cylinders with an open inlet (called an eye) to accept incoming fluid.

Uses for impellers

Medical devices

Impeller blades are used in ventricle assist devices (devices used for assisting cardiac circulation) which augment or fully replace cardiac function.

Air pumps

Air pumps use impeller blades to help move air through a system, for example within blast furnaces, ventilation systems, and superchargers for internal combustion engines.

Features of impeller blades

Impeller blades are typically made out of cast stainless steel material. In many cases they have five propellers which allows them to have maximum rotation effect to transfer energy efficiently.

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Part Details Blade Diameter Stock Blade Depth Blade Angle
IQ fan axial impeller,200mm 28deg,flow v 200mm 47 37.5mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,154mm 34deg,flow v 154mm 33 37mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,172mm 28deg,flow v 172mm 33 36mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,230mm 28deg,flow v 230mm 30 43mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,254mm 22deg,flow v 254mm 30 37mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,200mm 22deg,flow v 200mm 29 32mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,254mm 28deg,flow v 254mm 19 45mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,254mm 34deg,flow v 254mm 19 52mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,200mm 34deg,flow v 200mm 18 45mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,154mm 22deg,flow v 154mm 16 27.5mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,172mm 22deg,flow v 172mm 15 31mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,154mm 28deg,flow v 154mm 13 32mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,230mm 34deg,flow v 230mm 7 50mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,230mm 22deg,flow v 230mm 6 35mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,172mm 34deg,flow v 172mm 3 42mm 34°
Fan Blade,152mm,Radial,Stainless Steel 152mm 0 20mm -
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