Plasterers Floats

A plasterer’s float is a hand tool with a flat face used for smoothing and finishing the surface of plaster. There are several types of plasters floats all to the preference of the user and what finish they require. These are:
• Sponge floats – These are used for smoothing plaster and cement surfaces. The floats open up the surface before the final finishing and they help to remove trowel marks and air pockets from sprayed plaster.
• Plastic floats – These are used for finishing the top coat renders. The trowels can differ by grain size a flexibility and are used for avoiding discolouration and blade transference that is commonly associated with the use of steel trowels.
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279.4 x 101.6 mm Stainless Steel Plasterer Float 279.4mm 8 279.4 x 101.6 mm
355.6 x 101.6 mm Stainless Steel Plasterer Float 355.6mm 6 355.6 x 101.6 mm
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